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The GLS Sciences Team is committed to helping people with blood sugar concerns discover effective nutritional and lifestyle approaches to support and maintain normal blood glucose levels for a healthier more fulfilling life.

GLS Sciences is dedicated to helping people worldwide fulfill their health and wellness needs by including affordable, sustainable, clean, safe, clinically tested and powerfully effective Natural supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes being informed, regular exercise, and a sensible approach to nutrition and diet. GLS Sciences believes that this is integral to the future success of medicine, and that future is right here and now.

Many of the founders of GLS Sciences were forced to deal with the unfortunate reality of blood sugar health challenges personally and with loved ones over the course of the last half a decade. Dozens of nutritional constituents reporting benefits for blood sugar health were researched, investigated, and tested. After exhaustive review of scientific literature and clinical studies, GLS Sciences identified and tested key nutrients that nutritionally support and assist the body in maintaining healthy and normal blood sugar. Because many people with blood sugar health challenges could not deal with the burden of overloading their systems with mega doses or excess levels of some vitamins and minerals, GLS Sciences Researchers spent years testing and identifying key micro-nutrient ratios to provide the maximum nutritional support and assistance for healthy and normal blood sugar levels with the minimum burden to the body of individuals dealing with blood sugar concerns. The culmination of this research was the creation of the product GlucALite®.

GLS Sciences believes that health means freedom. That freedom includes the choice to live a healthy lifestyle and adopt what works as part of that healthy lifestyle.

GLS Sciences is a strong advocate of integrative medicine including the most effective modicums from allopathic medicine, applied clinical nutrition and preventive medicine. Our distinguished founders and advisory board include Medical practitioners, clinicians, researchers, authors, lecturers and innovative product developers. Through their many years of clinical experience, they have pioneered protocols in the use of self-care treatments such as diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise and stress management techniques in the field of complementary medicine, have lectured extensively throughout the United States and worldwide on topics in preventive medicine, and have actually designed many of the more popular vitamin, mineral and botanical supplements for major vitamin companies that are currently on the market.

In the United States, more than 150 million people take dietary supplements every day. GLS Sciences is absolutely committed to maintaining the highest quality products and the utmost integrity in providing dietary supplements that promote healthy living as an approach to wellness and lifestyle.

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