Slow Metabolism

Are you suffering from a slow metabolism and don’t even know it? A slow metabolism is a diabolical condition that silently sneaks up on you and can lead to out of control blood sugar. Medical professionals estimate that as many as 100 million Americans suffer from a slow metabolism. As soon as your blood sugar skyrockets past the high range of normal into the danger zone, you can experience a slow metabolism which includes an impaired fat metabolism, and impaired carbohydrate metabolism. Slow metabolism, impaired fat metabolism, and impaired carbohydrate metabolism result in your body needing more insulin in order to absorb blood sugar into your cells. As the cell receptors become less receptive to the insulin, sugar and insulin flood the blood stream in excess. The pancreas gets overworked as it keeps trying to produce more and more insulin and fat metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism in your body become impaired in a downward spiral as your body begins to load excess fat on the waistline.

Why is it so hard for you to beat belly fat?

You can exercise for hours every day and eat like a bird, and sometimes you still can’t trim the fat from your waist. This is often due to insulin insensitivity. When you have this condition, the insulin receptor “doorways”of your cells frequently don’t respond properly and the uptake of glucose as badly needed fuel for your cells is impaired, your pancreas secretes higher-than-normal levels of insulin in an attempt to “force feed” the cells trying to trigger them to respond and maintain healthy blood sugar and carbohydrate metabolism. What is wrong with that? Unfortunately, excessively high insulin levels are closely linked to belly fat.

This is because excess insulin drives fatty compounds known as triglycerides into the fat cells of your abdomen causing them to bloat and dump fat around your belly. Insulin can also affect your brain cells, causing an insatiable appetite and cravings that ruin any diet and exercise efforts to stimulate carbohydrate metabolism.
In a randomized double blind placebo pilot clinical study, people who took GlucALite experienced at least an 18.9% drop in fasting blood glucose and at least a 21.7% drop in triglycerides levels in just 30 days. The most important thing you can do for yourself is improve your health today.

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